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Are you a talented young journalist with a burning passion for truth and a drive to make a difference? Grinnett is calling upon the next generation of storytellers, truth-seekers, and change-makers to join our team of fearless journalists who are redefining the media landscape. Whether you would like to contribute an insightful article once in a while, write your own weekly column, make a documentary, or start your own regular news show: we are eager to see what you can do.

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Joining Grinnett is easy! Send us your application with your resume, writing samples and/or video samples, and a brief statement about why you're passionate about joining our movement. Show us your ability to tell compelling stories through any medium and your commitment to unbiased journalism.

We're looking for individuals who are dedicated, curious, and unafraid to push boundaries. Whether you're an experienced journalist or just starting your career, we welcome your unique perspective and passion for change.

Together, let's reshape the future of media, empower the next generation, and ignite a revolution of truth. Join the Grinnett team and be at the forefront of a movement that is transforming the way we consume news and shaping a brighter future.

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